My next trip – Vilnius, Lithuania

My next trip, Vilnius, Lithuania

Having only got back from my last trip less than three weeks ago and having booked a trip to Budapest ready for our one year anniversary in November I started to realise I had some what of a gap to fill. Starting this blog has made me refamiliarise myself with my bucketlist recently and entry 58 caught my eye ‘take my husband on a trip he wants to go on’.


Last week I decided to bite the bullet and ask him to list me ten places he would like to visit anywhere in the world. I knew I would regret asking, not only because he never knows where he wants to go but also because I knew he would not pick places I wanted to go. Which I guess was kind of the point.

So here is his list

  1. Slovakia
  2. Lithuania
  3. Iceland
  4. Denmark
  5. Chernobyl
  6. Las Vegas
  7. New York
  8. Canada
  9. Israel
  10. Cuba

I mean Chernobyl…..why? Now don’t get me wrong I am all for some of these places (especially Cuba) but it was a strange list, and he only wants to go to Israel because of that advert where the attractive lady looks as if she is dragging you around everywhere.

Pinterest has been great for researching new destinations and reading other peoples blog posts so I started to do some research into the places I knew nothing about and on searching Lithuania came across the capital city of Vilnius and it looks lovely! It looks like a quiet city but with plenty of character and plenty of history. The Genocide museum in the KGB building sounds intriguing and should also be to my partners liking.


Trakai Castle is also only a short bus ride away from Vilnius and I do love a castle, so hopefully we can brave the public transport and make the trip. The best part about this trip is the price. Remembering I could get a money off voucher to use at Expedia with my nectar points i managed to get £43 off the price which meant we will get two full days in Vilnius for only £110 making it the cheapest holiday we have ever had abroad.


So today I came home from work and left the booking and the bucketlist book out on the table for him to see when he got home from work. I think he was pleased, it was difficult to tell, he thinks I am a little bit insane but also accepts I could have worse passions in life. He had to google where Vilnius was, although I must admit I did have to check where Lithuania was on a map before booking the trip. Hopefully two days will be enough to do everything we want to and I still don’t know a lot about the city so any advice or tips would be gladly welcomed. Keep an eye out for a blog post in the future where hopefully I can suggest this Eastern European city as a brilliant and cheap destination.

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