Ibiza First Timers

famous sunset at Cafe Mambo in Ibiza

Most people tend to go to Ibiza when they are 18 or at least in their early 20’s. Well me and my friend decided two years ago that we needed to go to Ibiza before we got too old, although going to Ibiza as a married woman, even at the age of 25 makes me sound old.

A lot of planning and reading forums took place before booking this trip as we were not really sure what to expect. Thankfully there is a lot of advice out there, although i think there is always room for a little bit more, especially for Ibiza first timers.

For a first time we decided to only go for a Wednesday to Saturday in July and chose to stay in San Antonio. We booked in to Hotel Piscis, this hotel was really cheap and ideally placed for all the restaurants and bars in San Antonio. You can also get to San Antonio by using the number 9 bus from the airport (bus timetable found here). The rooms were basic but clean and there was Air Conditioning which was a life saver and our room had a little balcony. The only downside was it was sometimes loud in the early hours however you are in Ibiza so you can’t really expect anything else.


Some of the clubs release their line ups quite far in advance which is a huge win for someone like me who likes to plan!

Our Itinerary was not jam packed, we took it pretty easy and have saved room for another visit, so here is a quick guide for Ibiza first timers.


We arrived to Ibiza in the early evening and checked in to our hotel before a quick change and decided to get to know San Antonio, it was buzzing with people. We walked past all the little shops and then headed down to the coast where you can find Cafe Mambo and Cafe Del Mar.  We decided to try Cafe Del Mar and ordered Strawberry Daiquiris (this became a theme throughout the trip).

cafe del mar

You have to be prepared for how expensive Ibiza is, these cost us 16 euros each, however they were the best daiquiris I have ever had! This bar is one of the original bars in San Antonio and the music is more chilled out here. The music has to stop at midnight which is a shame but we then continued to walk by the sea back to our hotel.


This was our first full day, unfortunately we are both early risers so were awake and out really early. We decided to walk the opposite way in search of breakfast, we walked past the beach and found a number of bars that served breakfast. Itaca caught our eye, we personally thought they had the best menu for breakfast and drinks in this part of San Antonio, we ordered bagels and fruit smoothies, closely followed by another strawberry daiquiri which we sat outside to enjoy. It was incredibly quiet at this time in the morning which made it feel very relaxing.


After breakfast we continued our walk to see if we could spot any more good places to eat and drink later on. We decided we needed to relax as much as possible on this day because of the long night ahead so we headed to the beach for some sunbathing and a dip in the sea. Unfortunately you will be bothered on the beach by people trying to sell entry to places, some of which are nicer than others. Now lets face, 25 years old, getting on a bit and don’t go out much anymore so it was time to squeeze in a quick hour nap, which was a huge success.


The evening we had planned was going to be expensive but memorable and I think perfect for our first time to Ibiza! Whenever you read about things to do in Ibiza you will see ‘watch the sunset’. A lot of people say the best place to do this is Cafe Mambo, you will see conflicting opinions about whether its worth booking a table at Cafe Mambo or just watching the sunset on the rocks. We both work and this was a proper holiday for us so we decided it would be worth booking a table. You can book one of three areas at Cafe Mambo for dinner which includes watching the sun set, we opted for the cheapest, when you book you don’t have to pay you just have to commit to a minimum spend, ours was 70 euros each, which when you think about a big dinner with drinks is not that difficult to reach. Our table was classed as a regular terrace table, the food was amazing, the drinks were great and the sunset was incredible with plenty of photo opportunities.

We had to give up our table at 10pm but this was perfect as we paid our bill then went and did a bit of dancing in front of the DJ booth before heading to get glitter put on our face and getting a taxi to Pacha!!!

glitter 2

There are special buses put on which run from San Antonio to the clubs on the other side of the Island but we decided to travel in style seeing as we could afford it. We had already pre bought our tickets for Pacha as David Guetta was playing and this was our ultimate Ibiza dream. These were expensive, I think £70 each. Pacha was like no club I have ever been to, it was huge, drinks here are once again outrageously expensive, it does mean that unlike in England where you can often go for a night out and be faced with a load of idiots, this doesn’t happen at Pacha, it is too expensive. David Guetta was amazing and we snuck out at 5am to get our bus back to San Antonio which handly picked up right outside the club before heading to bed.



Seeing as we only got in at 6am the morning was a slight write off. We headed out for lunch to a place just down the road called The Red, where i made sure i had myself a traditional Paella, perfect for soaking up the alcohol.


We had a chilled out day walking around the shops and rehydrating (yes we sound old). For dinner we headed out to TULP, which had quite a hippy vibe and we ate Tapas, drank Sangria and watched the sun set again. By this point we had pretty much spent all our money so it was time to head back to the hotel for an early night before our flight back on Saturday.




Thankfully the shops in San Antonio are well stocked with food and drink brilliant for on the go breakfasts, so we grabbed some supplies and headed round to the bus station, which was only a 5 minute walk to catch the bus back to the airport. Leave yourself plenty of time in the peak Ibiza months, the queues through security were pretty long so you wouldn’t want to leave it late.

In all honesty Ibiza was better than I had expected, when you tell people at the age of 25 that you are going to Ibiza you get a lot of comments about being too old and you won’t like it etc. They were all wrong. Don’t get me wrong there are a lot of young people, some of which are annoyingly drunk and yes I can’t really handle two big nights out in a row anymore without losing the ability to walk. But Ibiza is beautiful and actually I think that being older with a job and money meant that we could enjoy Ibiza properly.


We are keen to return for our 30th birthdays (Ibiza 2021), and there is plenty more of the Island to explore, hopefully we can go for longer and visit Ibiza Town and some of the beautiful beaches and Es Vedra. There are obviously a lot more bars and clubs on the island too, Ibiza Rocks hotel has some great line ups and seems to be reasonably priced and Ocean Beach has been recommended.


Ibiza 2017 was a success and in my opinion you are never too old to be an Ibiza First Timer!




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