My Bucketlist – An Update

21 reasons to start following your dream

I have found that having a bucketlist has enabled me to really concentrate on what I want to do, see and experience during my life and I think everyone should have one. Hopefully you have seen my bucketlist and have seen that I am slowly ticking things off, with more to be ticked off in the near future (Egypt next week!!). I am lucky that since starting the bucketlist I have ticked off eight entries.

The memories and experiences gained from just those eight bucketlist entries has taught me that bucketlists are not just a list to be ticked off, but a list that should be added to. Since starting the travel blog I have read and been inspired by other peoples travels and have discovered a few new places I want to visit. Hopefully my bucketlist achievements will inspire you to finally start ticking off your bucketlist entries and in case you have missed them, here is what I have done so far!

Climb Mount Snowdon – August 2016
On my 25th Birthday someone thought it would be a good idea to hike to the top of Mount Snowdon in Wales. Luckily we set off nice and early and took the easiest route. I foolishly bragged about how easy the first part of the hike, only to be met by an incredibly steep incline. Even though it was summer and a nice day the top of the mountain was covered in cloud when we reached the summit. I think this is one of my greatest achievements and I celebrated my accomplishment with a can of cider and a sausage roll. Keeping it classy. Keep a look out for a blog post on Mt Snowdon soon!


Haggle at the markets in Marrakech – September 2016
I was lucky enough to be taken to Marrakech for my Hen Do and they had no idea that I had recently added this to my bucketlist! Haggling at the markets is a must and I don’t think I have ever purchased so many souvenirs whilst travelling, it is incredibly hard to resist. There is much more to Marrakech than just the markets though.


Fly First Class – November 2016
What better reason to fly first class than for our honeymoon, it certainly made a ten hour flight to Mexico much more bareable. Yes it costs a lot, but for a long distance flight all the extras you get certainly makes it worth it. Including the delicious in flight meal. If you are planning on travelling long distance, consider booking first class seats if you can afford it.


Dance in Ibiza – July 2017

Four days well spent in Ibiza enjoying the Sun, Sea and Sangria! Not only did we manage to visit the famous Café del Mar and Café Mambo, we also spent a night at Pacha where David Guetta was playing. We really went big on this bucketlist entry! You can check out a full guide to being an Ibiza first timer here.

Take my Husband somewhere he wants to go – September 2017
If you have seen my post about booking a trip to Vilnius then you will know the story behind getting this ticked off the bucketlist. I am glad I ticked this off last year, one so I can choose where we go this year but also because Vilnius is one of the best places I have ever visited. This budget friendly destination has so much to offer.

Vilnius Cathedral and Belfry, Lithuania

Take an outdoor bath in Budapest – November 2017
We spent our 1 year wedding anniversary in Budapest last year and you can’t visit Budapest without visiting one of the thermal spas. We also booked ourselves into the beer spa where you can take a bath in hot water mixed with beer ingredients whilst sipping on as much beer as you want!

Szechenyi thermal baths, Budapest

Visit somewhere new in Norfolk – Boxing Day 2017
I love living in Norfolk, with so much to see and do, countryside, forests, a fantastic coastline and castles! Sometimes you take where you live for granted and I wanted to make sure I made the effort to continue exploring where I live. On boxing day we ventured out to Binham Priory which looked amazing against the blue sky and have recently bought a Norfolk walks book to try and get out more!

Binham Priory

Visit the Red Light District – February 2018

We managed to book a budget friendly trip to Amsterdam in February and you can’t visit this city without a visit to the famous Red Light District. During the day this part of Amsterdam looks like any other but later on in the day the red lights are on and the ladies start appearing at the windows. This is not all that Amsterdam has to offer though, with plenty of museums, churches, canals and parks to visit. Amsterdam is also a brilliant place to sample some amazing food.


New Bucketlist entries

After ticking eight entries off my bucketlist I have added seven new ones. Many of these are places I had never even considered visiting before reading other travel blogs so I am excited to hopefully explore some new destinations.

  1. Visit Tallin
  2. Explore the Street Art in Lisbon
  3. Travel somewhere solo
  4. Explore 10 new places in France
  5. Ben Nevis
  6. Photograph the Pasaj Victoria in Bucharest
  7. See the colourful houses in Copenhagen

If you have anywhere or anything to recommend I add to my bucketlist let me know!

2 thoughts on “My Bucketlist – An Update

  1. I love reading other peoples bucket lists! I’ve never even heard of Vilnius, so will have to look into that one! Travelling solo is also a big one I want to accomplish at some point so it’s nice to see you added that to your list!

    Chloe x


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