12 Photos to inspire you to visit Egypt

River Nile, Egypt

I managed to take over 800 photos whilst travelling in Egypt at the end of April. Visiting over 12 sites, a variety of shops, driving through towns and witnessing ever changing views whilst sailing along the River Nile. I have an incredible amount to say about Egypt but for now I think a sample of pictures from my week away will do the talking.

Ram Headed Sphinxes – Karnak


Statue of Ramses – Karnak


Luxor Temple


Avenue of Sphinxes – Luxor


Views from the River Nile


Temple of EsnaEsna-Temple-EgyptEsna



Hitching a Ride


Abo Elhawa – Aswan


Aswan Botanical Garden


Philae Temple – Aswan


Abu Simbel

Abu-Simbel-EgyptI would love to see some of your amazing pictures from your trips to Egypt. This is just a taster of what is to come, check back for more blog posts about visiting Egypt soon!





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