My Top 5 Travel Bloggers

Oddly enough I spend a lot of time reading other travel blogs, every spare minute I get. These tend to range from the really big well known blogs to the smaller blogs that are just starting out. A big following isn’t a reflection of content, there are small blogs out there writing great tips about travel.

If you are looking for some new bloggers to follow or some specific content to read then why not check these five travel bloggers out!


Travels with Thomosaurus

For a start I love the layout of Dan’s website, its easy to navigate and I love the colours. His European Interrailing trip makes me want to tick this off my own bucketlist. I wish I had found his blog before my trip to Budapest as I would have loved to have done Dracula’s caves but have not seen them mentioned anywhere else.

When he isn’t travelling he writes posts about great travel tips, including apps to use and how to travel light. I can not wait to see more from his ‘Recipes from around the world’ section of the blog as I love cooking and I love trying new foods whilst I am travelling. This will be a great way to join the two.

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Cornish Maid

A fellow travel blogger who loves to blog about their home country, the UK. As suggested by the name, Laura is from Cornwall and explores this amazing area every chance she gets. I can not wait for my next visit to this part of the country so that I can do some of her recommendations.

All of her blog posts have plenty of stunning photos to go with the content which really helps you picture what Cornwall is like and makes you want to go even more. If that is possible?

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A Zest for Travel

Joannda is very much like myself, works full time but at every opportunity possible is travelling and exploring the world because life is too short not too! Joannda has written about her experiences in Europe, Asia and New Zealand and has recently taken a trip to Italy which I am incredibly jealous of and can not wait to see her blog posts about her time there.

Like many travel bloggers she also writes posts about some great travel tips such as booking cheap flights and how to save money whilst travelling. Great for those who are travelling on a strict budget.

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21 reasons to start following your dream

A Northern Explorer

Firstly I LOVE the North. Secondly I love Sarah’s blog. I am incredibly jealous of the layout, its so clean and modern but also fun and young. A Northern Explorer has been to a fair few places and has some great blogging content about her time in Asia and New Zealand. When she isn’t writing about these places she is writing about the UK, something I am also trying to do more of.

Like me, she has a bucketlist and it is there for all to see. I can not wait to see her start ticking these places off and hopefully it will also give me some inspiration for new entries on my list.

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Joe Travel Blogs

It is so good to find more male bloggers among the hoards of female bloggers out there. I found Joe’s blog whilst looking for blog posts about Peru as I have a trip coming up in August. He has been to some great destinations (Peru, Cuba, Bolivia, New Zealand to name a few) and has written all about them.

His blog posts are informative and fun which is what I want from a blog. I plan my trips and read blogs because I want decent travel advice, and you can definitely get that here.

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So there you have it, My top 5 Travel bloggers. Let me know if you have any good recommendations as I am always looking for new blogs to follow!


8 thoughts on “My Top 5 Travel Bloggers

  1. Yay! Thanks so much for including me in this post and I’m so happy you enjoy reading my blog! I really enjoy reading yours too 🙂 I hope I do encourage lots of people to visit Cornwall and I’m always happy to recommend places to go!x

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  2. Travel blogs always make me so envious (but in a good way!) I love that you decided to put together a list and introduce these to a new audience, that’s really kind of you. Some great choices in here, too – I’m familiar with Dan and Sarah, and they’re both fab! 🙂

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