Devin Castle – a Day Trip from Bratislava

Devin Hrad, Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava is only a small city and if like us you are planning on spending more than two days here and you have already visited Vienna (Keep your eyes peeled for a blog post about this), then you might be thinking there doesn’t appear to be a lot else left to do. However, just outside of Bratislava is a small village called Devin which has the most incredible Castle which makes a perfect day trip from Bratislava.


The easiest way to get to Devin Castle from Bratislava is to head down to one of the main bus stops, just outside of the centre of town, called MOST SNP where you can catch the 29 bus to Devin Hrad. You can only buy tickets from machines here and it took a little while to work out what sort of ticket to get. I had a look on Google Maps and our journey would take approximately 20 minutes. In Bratislava bus tickets can be bought for 15 minute, 30 minute and 60 minute journeys. A one way ticket for a 30 minute journey costs only 90 cents, so we went ahead and bought our tickets for four 30 minute journeys so that we also had our tickets ready for the return journey too.

All bus departures are listed on a screen in the bus station and our bus stop was number 6, which took a little while to find as its not actually within the station but behind the station along the main road. Each stop has a sign with its number on and also which number buses went from it so you should be able to find the bus stop ok. You don’t need to worry too much about timings either as the number 29 bus runs every 20 minutes, which is incredibly convenient.


When you get on the bus make sure you validate your ticket in the machines straight in front of the doors. The buses have screens on them telling you what stop is coming up next which definitely helps you know where you are on the journey. After about 20 minutes you will arrive at Devin Hrad which is the stop to use for visiting the Castle. From here it is a short 10 minute walk up to the entrance of the Castle. It was out of season when we visited but there was a hotel and cafes and little shops before going into the Castle itself so if you need a snack, drink or just the toilet then make sure you use the facilities before going in.


Amazingly the out of season ticket price was only 2 euros for an adult so this is an incredibly budget friendly day trip to take from Bratislava. The Castle sits on an impressive cliff situated on the edge of the River Danube and Morava and on the border with Austria and has been settled since the Neolithic period. The Castle itself dates to 13th Century and there is plenty to look at as you walk around. The Castle is (in my opinion) well preserved and there are little information signs dotted around for you to read (in English). As it was out of season the highest part of the Castle was closed off due to safety reasons but we still managed to spend a good hour exploring.


After exploring the Castle we decided to walk around the bottom of the cliff where you can get a nice view of the Rivers and of the Castle from below. The Iron Curtain used to run just in front of the Castle and there is a little memorial to this which is also definitely worth a look. If the weather had been warmer I would definitely have liked to walk along the River, paired with a picnic this would have made a full day out, but as we were getting incredibly cold we decided to head back towards the bus stop and go back to Bratislava for some warm food and drink.


So if you have some spare time whilst visiting Bratislava I 100% recommend taking this day trip to Devin Castle, its easy, budget friendly and the Castle is incredible. Have you visited Devin Castle in the summer? Or do you have any other amazing day trip ideas? Let me know in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Devin Castle – a Day Trip from Bratislava

  1. This sounds like a great little day trip. I have always wanted to go visit castles, but I have yet to do it. Going to jot this castle down on my list of castles to visit one day.

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