Addicted to travel was created to not only recommend great holiday destinations but give advice, tips, itineraries and any other information which is vital for your first trip away. When planning a trip away you want to see other peoples real first hand experiences. This blog will give personal yet honest advice about where to go, where to stay, what to see and do and the best places to eat and drink. If you love to travel then you have come to the right place.

At this point it must be clear that i love to travel. The love of which i think stems from my love for archaeology and history. It is then no surprise that i am an Archaeologist. On a daily basis i unearth history that has remained unseen and untouched for hundreds and often thousands of years. Having been a big part of my life since the age of eight it has become a focus of the majority of my trips around the UK and abroad.

Growing up in Lincolnshire, a picturesque yet quite dull county with poor public transport and very little going for it, has only fueled my desire to explore. I was lucky growing up to be taken on holidays across the UK and abroad. Getting older, especially the last couple of years, has made me appreciate these experiences more and realise life is too short to sit around, planning to do things in the future. Its time to live for the now.

At 27 years of age, i never had a gap year and i have always worked, so have never traveled in the traditional sense. The majority of my travelling is now done with my Husband of nearly 3 years (who also grew up in Lincolnshire). He has taken a while to get into travel, with his first trip abroad being at the age of 19 to Afghanistan. He still takes some persuading when it comes to some places, but i usually get there in the end. On the occasion he won’t budge or i just want to go somewhere he would hate, i turn to my main partners in crime, my best friends, who usually take less persuading.

‘I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list’. I definitely have a list, and it’s time to start ticking them off whilst i can. The sensible side of me says to buy a house and keep saving but the traveler inside me says book another trip. It is always about the next trip and i am starting to enjoy the expression on peoples faces when i tell them where i am going next!

So if you like what you see, stick around, check out my blog posts and follow me on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter!

Happy travelling